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Nadia walked quietly through the party and into a small room off to the side. She clasped the red cup filled with spiked root beer and leaned against the wall. There were a few stragglers moving in and out of the room, but it looked quiet enough for her to catch her breath. Nadia stretched her back a bit before straightening her back against the wall. This was already getting to be too much for her.

Nadia had expected high school parties to be fun and exciting. She had been deluded by countless media to think that the idea of hanging out with young people, drinking underage, listening to music, and being as hedonistic as possible without trying to break the law would have been something she could easily fit into. Instead, Nadia discovered that it was just a lot of standing in cramped rooms, a lot of screaming to try and talk to people over the music, a lot of disappointing snacks, and a lot of guys who were hoping she'd be the one to bring them into adulthood if they boozed and schmoozed her enough.

Needless to say, the novelty had worn off about an hour in. Nadia didn't feel like going home yet since that would mean she'd be trading one boring party for one boring night at home. She didn't have much to do at home; she was caught up on homework and any photo projects she was working on. Surely she could stand to stay here and put up with at least another hour of awkward social interaction.

In the mean time, Nadia pulled her phone out of her pants pocket and began to flick through the web browser app. Surely there was something more interesting happening somewhere else but here.
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