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His grin fell, slightly. Still a smirk, but no longer a laugh.

“Okay then.”

Because given the reactions to what he had just said he probably went a little too far there. Whoops. Won’t do it again. Well the odds were that he was going to do it again but at the point when he actually did do it again it was likely that everyone involved would have forgotten about this. Well, actually thinking about it it was unlikely that he was ever going to forget the glorious reveal of the banana penis, it was just one of those things that you could easily bring up for weird experiences. Maybe in 20 years he’d be talking to his children or grandchildren or whatever (wait wouldn’t he be 34 in 20 years? His children would have to really fuck up if he were to have grandchildren at that point) at the dinner table and he’d be giving them the marvelous tale of the day he and the other three losers at his health table discovered the glory of the banana penis. Assuming he lived that far, anyway.

But yeah, he probably went too far. That happened. Typically when he was around Emma but occasionally other people would get offended at him too. Emma didn’t really mind it when that he did in the end, although others did sometimes. Difference between Emma/literally most of his actual friends right there.Well, it was less of a “he liked people who didn’t get offended easily” thing and more of a “he liked people who actually gave him chances for his mistakes in addition to being people that Jeremy actually wished to talk to and be around.” Hopefully this incident would be more of the same. It’d kinda suck for him if it didn’t, especially considering how he almost sounded cocky before.

He placed his chin on his hand, leaning forward slightly.

“I’ll take the thing if you don’t want it now.”

Then a voice made his body jolt. Someone unknown, saying his name. He looked up. There was a kid. Year below him, he thought. Wait no. Little more than that. Probably like, someone in year 8 or 7 or something like that. Office boy. The slave of the receptionists, for the day.

...Oh, so apparently he had to go somewhere? Well. Okay then. Least that meant he didn't have to do the stuff with the condoms.

"Actually, nevermind that. 'Pparently I have to go somewhere. See ya guys later."

And with that, he stepped up, and left the building.

((Jeremy Frasier, continued elsewhere))
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