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It was only after lighting up that Johnny realized he had nothing to use as an ashtray. After their unknown hosts' generosity in leaving this bedroom unlocked and unoccupied it would have been profoundly ungrateful to ash all over their carpets, and so Johnny pulled the drawer on the nightstand open, so that he might ash into that instead.

There was a bible inside, and he took that out and placed it on the bed. Johnny strongly suspected that God didn't give a fuck whether you got cigarette ash on a bible or not, but there was no sense in risking it. Johnny tapped ash onto a copy of The Hobbit instead.

The look on Caedyn's face suggested she was less than impressed. It was an expression Johnny was used to, though in this case he felt a little wounded by it, as he thought his performance to have been fair. Then again, Johnny supposed, if one gave heed to even a fraction of the rumours circulating about her, Caedyn had sat on one put of every two cocks in Cochise. After all that, it probably took something pretty spectacular to impress her.

For his own part, Johnny had thought her to be fair. She was bony, particularly her hips, and then dug into him quite painfully at one point. The dreads he didn't care for either - he liked his hands in a girl's hair - but other than that, she'd been enthusiastic and willing, and Johnny wasn't one to complain about a good thing.

There was an expression Johnny had heard used applied to himself: "a face only a mother could love". Frankly even his mother didn't seem all that impressed, so Johnny took what he could get, when he could get it.

Caedyn was looking to leave, and Johnny didn't object to that. He wasn't really one for marinating in postcoital juices. Caedyn bent over to pick up some clothes, and Johnny certainly didn't object to that. He felt a smile come to his face as he regarded her. Not too bad at all.

"What, this party ain't yours? Nah, I'm not exactly even invited, I don't think. Just got called on to swing by and drop off some... party favours, like. Weren't even plannin' on stayin' this long."

Johnny stretched out his legs, putting his feet on the bed, and tucked the hand without the cigarette behind his head.

"How's it ya don't know?"

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