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Can you hear me?
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“Right here.”

Jennifer stepped in, surveying her surroundings. The room had been outfitted into spooky decorations, befitting a Halloween party. They brought in the music, too. Was that Michael Jackson? That was good. She still didn’t think he was innocent after his court case, though. But “Thriller” was one of the most famous music videos ever made, and one of the spookiest songs imaginable. So it was appropriate. It would be weird if it wasn’t playing.

Like many people, Jennifer had received the invite. For a while, she wasn’t sure what exactly she was going to do for Halloween. If she didn’t know there was going to be a party here, she would have probably watched some horror movies. Some of the classics would do the trick. But, of course she showed up. Vacanti’s was a nice restaurant. She’d went in for coffee a few times, and it was far better than Cheryl’s. Aside from fulfilling the basic requirement of “not giving people food poisoning,” the experience was pleasant. The coffee was good, too. It was only natural she’d show up.

Jennifer initially wasn’t sure about a costume. But after some thought a few weeks ago, she decided on it. At first she wanted something scary. Traditionally, that was the way to go. Long ago, it was believed that the world of the living and the dead blurred together. The entire reason for wearing costumes was to fool the evil spirits. So, Jennifer’s first thought was that she wanted something… unpleasant, to go with the theme. In the end, though, she decided on something else. Jennifer didn’t follow too many DC things, but she got the idea to dress as a specific character from it. Catwoman wasn’t particularly scary, but that was fine for her. Jennifer seen movies and TV shows featuring her, and she was one of her favorites. It was surprisingly easy to make. She hadn’t used any particular version for inspiration, which made things a bit easier. The main tricky part was finding a black bodysuit which was of reasonable quality and price. Luckily, she’d found one at a costume store that covered her arms and legs. Perfect for what she was going for. After that, everything pulled itself together quickly. Black gloves, boots, a belt, a small cat-like domino mask, and some ears were easy to come by. It wasn’t perfect, but even if she wasn’t recognized as Catwoman, people could still recognize her as a Catwoman. It was also surprisingly warm, and the belt made it easier for her to carry things like her camera and phone. Jennifer had taken pictures of her costume and uploaded some online before she went out. Since she brought her camera, she was probably going to take a few more over the course of the party.

Alvaro was here, of course. Jennifer liked Alvaro. She’d seen him around when she came in for coffee, and he was a quiet, nervous type. But she didn’t hold it against him. Being quiet was sometimes a good thing. Alessio was here, too, and while she didn’t know as much about him she was sure he was quiet, too. Blake, unfortunately, had to decline. He had to take his younger siblings out trick-or-treating, so he couldn’t show up at least until later. It looked like not many people had arrived yet, but that was okay. It was still early. It also looked like she was the only one here in costume, too.

“Hello Alvaro,” she said. “You too, Alessio.”

She had a small smile on her face.

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