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Maxim didnít even know what to make of that answer. Al had just admitted that he had been lucky, seconds ago, now he was saying the opposite, saying he had it all planned out after all. He really didnít want to believe that his friend was making fun of him, that was the last thing he wanted. But it simply didnít make sense, this was not like the Alessio he knew. Or was it?

Maybe Al was simply not paying attention, saying things on the fly, just to shake off his questions. Maybe that was it, maybe he himself was being pesky, pushy, all that. Of course, he should have known it had been him all along. He was being an idiot, a sore loser and an idiot to top it off.

He felt defeated, in more ways than one. Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall, so they said. There probably was no other saying that was as appropriate as this one right now. He had been proud, cocky even, he of all people. Proud of what? There was nothing he could have even dared being proud about, nothing at all. At least he had realized it in time, before being able of going too far, off harassing poor Alessio even further. It wasnít new to him, of course. Just every once in a while, he forgot about that simple truth. Least he could now was apologize. Or change subject, at least.


He could have proposed playing a different game, maybe one he could enjoy as much as Alessio, for a change. But honestly, he didnít feel like it. Didnít feel like even trying to have fun right now, not even like reading something. He just wanted to be able to relax, maybe just lie down on his bed and stare at the ceiling for an hour or so. Anything to escape the current situation. To just be by himself.

"Anyway, I think thatís it for me right now. Didnít really sleep well last night, still feel rather tired. So yes, I think we should call it a day. It has been fun though, really.ď

No choice, he had to make use of that famous white lie. No point in inconveniencing Al any further.
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