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Aiden grinned, then noticed his own reflection in the shiny black surface of their stereo. Yikes, kinda looked like he was baring his teeth, didn’t it? Like he was silently snarling at nothing, kinda. At least his gums didn’t show though, really weirded him out whenever he saw that on peeps. Like their chompers where gonna drop outta their mug or whatever. Not like Sharon’s smile, that was hella sweet, made him feel all comfy. Kinda the same with Fi, far as he could remember. Bit of a creeper move though, comparing his sis with a chick he bangeranged once. Whatever.

"Like, gimme a Benjamin or two and I’m your man. Not gonna go further than boxers only though, still got some dignity left in me. Yeah, even with that schnoz.“

Was all a bunch of bull, of course. Except that dignity bit. Everyone who knew him also knew that his folks had dough like the Stay Puft Man. No wait, that one was a huge ass marshmallow, so he was. No dough in that. Eh, worked well enough, he’d keep using that one anyway.

"Besides, you already know what’s beneath, so not even like I can do ya a favor that way:“ He winked at her. Winked that his own reflection, more like, which she couldn’t see. Yup, genius.

"Lemme just cut to the chase: Wanna hang out?“ Had to be some way. Even with all that fucking rain.
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