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Welp, Nate left. That also proved the point that Nate was a fucking liar to Darius, since he really apparently had no friends to eat with. What a loser. Darius had no one to eat with either, but that's because Nate just left.

Darius had hopes of Nate returning and changing his mind, as he suddenly turned, but he really just left. Nate probably just turned to look if he had forgotten something.

But yeah, Nate just left Darius with an empty table. Wow. Darius won a table with his jokes. Yay, woopdedoop. And the worst part of it: Nate just left. They couldn't debate about why Darius' reasoning about it being a public table was right. No, Nate just fucking left. What an utter overemotional idiot.

Really, that made no sense to Darius. Nate just left. How can one just be so thin-skinned to not be able to endure jokes that are not even personal. That dude will be leaving school in a couple of years. And if he's not able to bear it when he's an adult, he seriously has some troubles at living in a community.

Darius doesn't mind jokes at his expense. He was fat, he was nerdy. Darius cannot ignore it. Nate is small. Nate should not ignore that. Accept things like that. Everybody with functional eyes could see that Nate and Darius were small. Jokes are allowed to be made, because they are funny. Darius could bet with his lunch money that Nate would never ever survive in the internet for over 4 minutes, where every third person insults one another.

Darius just wanted to chat with Nate. Friendly and civil, while eating. And Darius could have even stopped making jokes if Nate asked him to (well, maybe he wouldn't have stopped). But no. Nate just left instead, leaving him alone, without someone to talk to.

And while Darius finished eating his delicious, sweet, chocolate-y bun, he wondered what Nate ate.

((Darius Van Dyke continued in Tooi Sakebi))
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