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"Yeah, probably a good idea man." Trav stood back up and stretched his back out. "You hit hard, I think you may have been out for a moment there."

Trav knew Jerry's pain. He'd been caught once or twice in a sparring session. You always knew about it and it happened to everyone. You just had to get up and keep pushing on. Judging by how Jerry had been, to put it bluntly, getting his ass kicked, but still kept fighting Trav didn't really doubt he'd be back to full force in a day or two.

In the mean time if Jerry was going to leave Trav was just going to get some cardio done. He was already at the gym so it would be a waste not the use the equipment he had access to.

"Just let me know if you ever want to go again bro. I'll be here, it's where I am most of the time anyway."

Trav extended his fist out for Jerry to bump, show there were no hard feelings.
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