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Why couldn’t Darius just leave him alone? What’d he ever do to him?

Of course he had friends: between the drama group, swim team, Church, and people from class, Nate probably had more friends than Darius did brain cells. Why would he even assume that Nate didn’t? Nate knew that people liked him, otherwise they wouldn’t let him hang around with them. He had friends.

So of course Darius acting all surprised that he didn’t have friends was really stupid. Really, really stupid. So why was it that was getting so upset over it? More importantly, why did people like Darius exist? Why did they insist on giving him a hard time for no reason whatsoever?

He wanted to say something mean back to him, but he just couldn’t bring himself to. He was too quelled by his anxiety, too beaten down by all the past incidents, too nervous to start spitting witty retorts back in Darius’ face. Even if he could, his mind was blanking the same way it did when he’d forgotten a line on stage. He felt the same way then as he did there, and the growing panic was becoming too much to bear.

He couldn’t stay there. Between the lump in his throat and the tremor in his arms, he needed to get away from Darius and his horrible attitude. He was going to have to concede the table, and run away from another jerk who thought he was just there for them to have fun with.

“Fine, take it.” he muttered, getting up from his seat and grabbing his lunch. As he turned to leave the cafeteria, he paused, trying desperately to think of something to say to put Darius in his place and not look like an easy target.

He failed, and practically ran out the room.

((Nate Turner continued elsewhere.))
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