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((Caedyn Miller Continued From Screamer, Screamer, He's a Dreamer))

As long as she didn't look at him, this was pretty okay. Everything was fine. The sex had been fine, pretty average on her scale, and he wasn't being a dick about it, and nobody probably even caught them coming up here, so really it was an ideal hook-up. It was best not to think about it too hard, just let the afterglow soak in for a bit, grab her clothes, and get the fuck out of...whoever's house this was, she wasn't actually sure. It was a plan she was familiar with and had gotten out of worse situations with in the past. This was all gucci.

She made the mistake of looking over into the bathroom anyway. She shuddered at the sight of him, this dirty, dotted thing she'd been sharing a bed with for...some reason. Ja. Why did she fuck that? What was she thinking?

That wasn't a fair question. She knew what she was thinking: that he was bottom of the barrel white trash, and that this whole thing would probably really piss her parents off. What was the endgame there? It's not like she was going to tell them, or she was even going to make any effort to make sure rumors got out about it. What was she hoping would happen if they did? What, that her parents would finally be...disappointed in her? It was more complicated than that, it had to be, but it was fucked, this whole thing was fucked and she couldn't breathe. Okay, that was a dramatic lie, she could breathe, but it felt like she couldn't, at least a little bit.

God, she hoped no one walked in on them.

At least he was gracious enough to chuck her a roll of toilet paper to clean up. It was a shitty gesture but one plenty of guys couldn't even manage. That kind of made it worse, though. It felt normal, kinda casual, like this whole thing was just normal for both of them. They should be used to it, or at least could get that way. That made her shudder again. There was no way she wanted to project a vibe that this was anything but a one time thing.

His gaze pulled her out of her head. He wasn't subtle about leering at her tits while he smoked, but she didn't mind. That never made since to her actually, the whole getting shy and chaste about covering up after sex thing. She'd been with people who did it and it seemed kinda pointless after the fact. A blanket wasn't going to shield her from the gnawing sense of regret she was feeling, so let him look all he wanted. Her hand came up to wave away his offered cigarettes. "No thanks, I don't smoke." With that, she rolled out from under the sheets and wandered around the edge of the bed, half looking for her clothes and half prying into her surroundings for a distraction to keep her mind occupied. "Hey, so, this is probably gonna sound kinda weird, but like...do you know whose place this is?" Yeah. That was a good way to head. She could get this trainwreck off her mind if they were talking about something else.
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