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"Do I hope so?" Johnny laughed. "Sure, why not? Yeah, who doesn't wanna go to space, right? Ride around on a comet, talk to an alien, try and fly my way into heaven. Do I think I'll go, though?" He shook his head. "Nah, I don't see it. You have to be like a mathemagician super jock science genius army man to go up to space, yeah?"

Johnny ran a hand through his hair. He'd shaved it about a month back, and now it was soft and bristly.

He'd never go to space, he knew. Shit, he'd probably never leave the States. It wasn't something that bothered him, really. Everyone thought they'd be President or quarterback for the cardinals or the next Bill Gates or whatever, and pretty much all of those people were wrong. Johnny was blessed, after a fashion, that his expectations for himself were terminally realistic.

"Besides, I'd have to be livin' down in Houston, yeah? I can't be doin' that. The diner here does my eggs just how I like 'em, and there's this girl in the park who I think'd be interested if I can get a wine cooler or two in her. Got too good a thing goin' on just to throw it away for mars or whatever."

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