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Really? That was...that really was rude of Nate. Darius worked his ass off at school, was looking forward to eat his goddamn chocolate bun just for Nate to implicitely tell him to fuck off. As if Darius could not talk with Nate about stuff. As if Darius could not stay here even when the friends came...Friends? Darius wasn't dumb. If Nate had friends to eat together, they would eat together. Bullshit. Liar. Nate wanted Darius to leave, but Darius wanted to eat.

"You have friends?"

Okay, that was mean. Darius kinda felt bad. Even if Nate looked like a loner loser to him, that was too hurtful to be funny. Because, well, it could be a legitimate question. He should retract that mean question. He said that question too quickly, rushed it out of reaction, had not thought about the consequences. Dumb Darius.

"Uh, sorry, of course you have. But not so many friends that this table would be full, right? Like, this table is friggin' huge."

Huge. Now Darius just had to make a size comment. Like 'unlike you.' But, Darius could hold himself back.

"Also, this is a public table, dude."

Darius tried to be friendly, but Nate was really rude. Darius tried to be polite and civil and all that shit, by not bringing up his size anymore, as he saw that Nate was incapable of accepting shit. Incapable of understanding, appreciating jokes. Even if he was small, geez, isn't he like just a year younger than Darius? A year or so, damn it. How can one be so stupid and immature? Size doesn't make one mature, the age does. It was hard to not be mean to Nate, when he was avoiding to be on an equal footing as Darius.
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