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Nate continued to shift in his seat whilst Darius continued running his mouth, taking more shots at his size. Nate had no idea who Nathan Lovegrove was, or if he was even supposed to, but either way it was another stupid jab that was hardly welcome.

Darius’ shrill laughter only added insult to injury, and Nate was about ready to up and walk away. He hated it when he was in this predicament, where if he left he’d have that feeling of losing out: in this case, it would be losing the table that’d he been lucky enough to secure in the otherwise hectic lunch rush. If Darius had come over just to bully him away from it, then walking away would be conceding, and Darius probably would probably get away with it, too.

That said, the worry that Darius was just going to keep going and making fun of him was really making him more nervous by the moment. He tried looking around inconspicuously again for someone to support him, but he couldn’t make out anyone he recognised through the crowd.

“It’s fine.” he eventually decided to reply if only to avoid leaving Darius’ question unanswered a second time, a habit ingrained by his polite demeanour. In his experience, people like Darius only asked questions to give themselves another opening to make fun of people. Didn't they have anything better to do?

“My friends are going to be here soon, so can you go away please?” he asked, intending it as a demand but largely failing to come across as assertive.
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