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Darius acted surprised at Nate's response. Maybe too exaggerated surprised, but surprised, that was the point. He raised his eyebrows, widely opened his eyes and covered his mouth with the hand that was not holding the chocolate bun.

"What? Nate? Nate Lovegrove? Ballet dancer Nate? Man, if you're really Nate, you have shrunken a lot since I last saw you."

Darius shortly giggled, hoping that Nate joins the laughing. After the short laugh attack, Darius acted less surprised and more calm. That short guy, however, looked nervous. Darius was no Bradley. Perhaps he should stop. But maybe not. Damn, does that guy know no humour? Laughter is the best medicine and all.

So, Nate asked what Darius did want. That was a legitimate question. Even, if it was phrased very unpolitely, as if Darius was bothering him.

"What I want...I want...a good lunch. And I have a good lunch."

He showed Nate his chocolate bun, by raising it, before taking another bite.

"How about your lunch? How is it? Tasty? Not so tasty?"

Man, Nate with no manners, just ignored Darius' previous polite question about the deliciousness of Nate's...whatever that thing was.
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