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As much as Nate would’ve enjoyed a casual lunch with a friend, it seemed that Darius had other things in mind for today.

This, unfortunately, wasn’t an unfamiliar situation to Nate. He’d just be sitting around or walking through the corridors, or even just on his way home, doing absolutely nothing to bother anybody, and someone would think it was just hilarious to walk over and start calling him names. Sure, pick on the guy with a hormone disorder, that was real classy and friendly.

Nate knew about Darius’ reputation, too, which was a reason he had tried to avoid him in the past. Darius was just the sort of person who’d do that sort of thing: giving him a nickname that he’d endured before and utterly despised. He didn’t even like Lord of the Rings, for crying out loud.

“My name’s not Frodo, it’s Nate.” he retorted, but his voice was already turning meek as his body shrank into his seat. There had been too many times where people had bullied and ridiculed him, or worse, for him to be able to just turn around and tell them to get lost. Instead, his flight instinct was kicking in, as his body tensed and his heartbeat rose.

“What do you want?” he said, shying away from eye contact with the latest in a long line of unpleasant people.
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