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Alice was opening up, she could see, becoming more at ease. She was sitting up a little straighter, looking at Bradley a little less.

Georgia Lee liked it. It was less like talking to some newly-kicked puppy. Bradley meanwhile didn't seem inclined to talk any further, and Georgia Lee liked that too. He was simply lurking there, huge and predatory, like a crocodile afloat in a river. There was the same air of anticipatory menace, but it didn't seem to be getting to Alice any longer, and Georgia Lee was not letting it get to her either.

She raised an eyebrow, as the girl seated opposite her got in a little jab at Bradley of her own. Well, the girl had spine after all. Georgia Lee was finding, now that her companion was coming out of her shell, that she actually rather liked Alice. Her manner was polite and reserved, but she clearly wasn't inclined to let people walk completely over her.

The fact that she spoke about graduation preparation in the future tense did not say positive things about her ambition or preparedness, of course, but Georgia Lee had found that this was basically to be expected from her peers. Almost universally they would complain about Kingman, about how small the town was and how limited its opportunities, and yet did any of them actually take steps to get themselves out of here?

It wasn't without a hint of bitterness that Georgia Lee thought that most of them didn't have to worry about getting themselves out of here. Most of them could just sit around and wait for their daddy's money to buy them into some fancy college. Most of them didn't have to work at all.

Well, more was the pity for them, she decided. Georgia Lee would die before she'd let herself be dependent on anyone like that, on anyone else's money. It was pathetic.

"I'm right at the end of the year. The calendar year, I mean. It's the start of the school year. November 6."

Knowing exactly what Bradley would be thinking, Georgia Lee added "And yes, I have counted back, and yes, it is gross."

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