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[Johnny Ray McKay continued from Pizza Rats]

Johnny sat on the edge of the bed and peeled off the condom. He tied the end in a knot and tossed it towards the bin. It hit the edge with a sound like somebody stepping in a puddle, then landed on the carpeting.

From downstairs, the sounds of dance music and people shouting could still be heard.

He stood and stretched, then wandered into the bathroom. It was called an "en-suite" when a bathroom was attached to a bedroom, and it meant that a house was extra fancy. Johnny's bathroom was attached to his bedroom too, but it didn't have a special name when it occurred in a trailer. If he'd had to come up with a name for it, Johnny would have called it "get used to listening to people shit while you try to sleep."

There weren't any tissues but there was toilet paper on a dispenser, and he grabbed that and wiped himself off. Above the sink was a medicine cabinet, and he ran the taps to hide the noise while he had a look through it. There was Percocet, which wasn't a bad find. He took it down and placed it on the sink - he'd grab it later, when he had pockets.

His reflection stared back at him for a moment as he closed the cabinet. The eczema around his throat was very pink in the harsh fluorescence of the bathroom, and his teeth were shockingly yellow.

Johnny re-entered the bedroom and tossed the toilet paper onto the bed, next to her. She'd pulled a blanket over her crotch, but her breasts were still bare, and Johnny gave them an admiring look. She caught his eye but didn't cover herself, and he gave her a brief smile before turning away. His pants were on the floor and he squatted next to them, rummaging through the pockets for his cigarettes and a lighter.

He was doing whoever's room this was a favour by smoking in here, really. The room reeked of fuck.

The sheets, Johnny knew, were just revoltingly damp, so he opted to sit back down in a chair instead. His sweat almost seemed to adhere him to the leather. He lit a cigarette, then held the pack out to her.

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