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Now that was certainly new. Simply admitting to it, was he? Either that, or it was just yet another way of mocking him, like he didn't even take him for full. There was no way a person would normally admit to being lucky, not that easily. He had expected Al to at least feign being insulted, anything of the sort. But flat out conceding...yes, he had to make of fun of him, it was the only thing that made sense.

"I mean you..."

Maxim was unsure of what he was going to say next. There were many possible endings to that sentence floating around in his mind, possibly even too many. Yet none of them seemed like anything he'd want to say to Alessio. Maybe he was being too harsh, starting to make ants into molehills. Then again, this entire thing really stung, stung badly, like a thorn stuck in his side or pride, rather.

Yes, proud, that was what he was being, too proud. Losing had clearly angered him, more than he liked to admit. It wouldn't even have been so bad, had he only been able to convince himself that he deserved to lose that one. But no, it still didn't seem fair to him, Al had played so mindlessly and yet he had succeeded, made his victory look like a walk in the park. It was just simply unnerving. Even more so that the guy didn't even seem to want to discuss it any further. So unsatisfying, ten pounds of yoghurt and chips couldn't have compensated for that.

"Ach, vergi- forget about it. Not that important anyway."

He stroked his chin, still nervously biting at his lower lip. It really was best to drop the whole thing. Just relax and move on with his life and the call. But no, no he couldn't, he wouldn't. He had to be sure, sure of that one thing, at least. "Well, tell me this though: That whole thing with sacrificing your bishop and the pawn, you didn't plan for it to turn out the way it did, did you? Creating that whole gap in my defense and all, you couldn't have planned all that, right?"
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