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"What? No it's not that." She stopped and glanced over at Vanessa. "I mean it doesn't matter...don't worry about it."

Truthfully it might have been that a little and as much as it hurt to admit to herself but Vans hadn't been there for her. She resented the idea that now she was getting over it Vans suddenly cared. Cameron knew her best friend meant well but it was too late; Vanessa had spent her time ignoring and being angry at her.

"It's fine. That's not the point of the album...and I don't want to talk about it."

She stared out the window for a while thinking of what to say next. How to approach a conversation she didn't want to have. She settled on the old reliable standby. Ignore the problem and hope it went away.

"Do you reckon it'd be a good album?"
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