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((Darius Van Dyke continued from A Magnet For Trouble))

Darius Van Dyke scanned the cafeteria to find a seat. And he found a neat seat near Nate, where he walked to. That dude looked like he searched for something. Maybe, someone to talk to. Darius also wanted to talk, but he'd rather eat. Man, he really needed the food, the energy. And needed to recover from the work by seating.

He sat down at the same table Nate was at and greeted him. Out of Darius' mouth one could smell a mix of cigs and coffee.

"Yo, Frodo."

Lord of the Rings was boring as fuck (seriously, who watches 9 or 12 hours of a movie without an interesting plot and just silly fight scenes?), but Darius thought the joke to be amusing. Perhaps Nate also found that funny, Darius invented it, it was original. And hey, Darius was allowed to make that joke, he's also small.

"How's your food?"

He noticed that it was not from the school either. Smart Nate. The cafeteria food was horrendous. And way too expensive. Darius bet he could order pizza to this school, sell it and become rich as fuck. But, he also bet that this was illegal and the cantina people would lynch him by burying him under the awful food, while he was sleeping.

He unpacked his chocolate bun to bite it. Hmmm, delicious. After some hard school hours, where Darius had to concentrate constantly to provide good perfomance, he finally can rest and be rewarded.
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