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Maxim's hand reached out to the bowl once more, hoping to find solace in something as simple as an overly salty snack. He found that fate had denied him even that, the bowl was now empty, safe for a carpet of crumbs littered on its bottom. For a split second, he felt like tossing the thing away, punish it for failing him in his hour of need. He had to restrain himself though, he knew that. Chewing his lip, he reached for the yoghurt instead, using his index finger wipe up a bit of the remaining content, then stuck it into his mouth. Sweet, but not sweet enough to combat that bitterness that had just arisen.

He looked at the time that was displayed on the right of his task bar. Ten past three, hadn't even taken fifteen minutes for Alessio to completely annihilate him, ever since that weaselly move he pulled. That wasn't right, it didn't feel right. He had lost to Al before, sure, but usually, those defeats had been due to his own lack of interest or by him not being at his best, mentally. This time, it felt so much more...wrong, simply wrong, yes. Just not fair.

Worst of all, he felt like he had wasted his time double now. Wasted it by playing chess itself and then lost on top of it. Double waste indeed. Gottverdammt.

"Well, I suppose I have to congratulate you. Might have been our longest match yet."

He wasn't going to admit how he felt, of course he wasn't. That would only feed the other guy's satisfaction, make him appear even weaker than he already looked. Fine, whatever. It was how it was, best to simply move on, forget about this.

'What next?' Was that a hint of mockery in Al's voice? Almost sounded like it, like he was casually saying 'That was easy, what now?' Or maybe he was just imagining things. Didn't really fit Al to get cocky, wasn't in his character at all. But who knew, maybe he just discovered a new side of himself? Unlikely, but possible. After all, how well did he know Alessio, really? They were friends, yes, but what did that mean, wasn't like they had signed a contract, revealed their true nature to each other. Yes, maybe Al was being cocky. He'd ignore his question, for now.

"You have to admit though, you got lucky that one time, yes. That one move with your bishop, got lucky that I didn't pay attention. Might have went down completely different otherwise.
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