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((Nate Turner continued from Mad Dewey Dash))

Nate did not eat alone very often; in fact, he went out of his way to avoid doing so. It was just another symptom of his need to be around other people, after all, and the fact that he had wound up on a table by himself did not sit well with him.

He shifted awkwardly as his lunch from home (leftovers from the tuna pasta bake he'd made with his mom last night) sat untouched in front of him, far too distracted looking for company to consider eating it yet. Considering how packed the cafeteria was that day, most likely due to the rainfall pattering against the windows, he couldn’t figure out why he hadn’t found any of his friends, but then it was perfectly plausible that they simply couldn’t spot him amidst the crowd.

Regardless, he was starting to kick himself just a little for not trying to make any plans with anybody. Of course, it would be a bit silly for him to try and schedule a lunch date for every day just to avoid this situation, but that didn’t stop himself for thinking of all the ways he could've avoided it, and blaming himself for not using them.

He continued to shift in his seat, occasionally rising like a meerkat, trying to spot just one person he knew to invite over and keep him company.
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