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That was satisfying. Finally, after much time had passed, Alessio managed to win the match. It really was a relief. Now the thinking hell is over. It was probably not as satisfying as winning against Alvaro, since Alvaro is really, really good at chess. But Maxim seemed to be a very smart guy, so that made Alessio feel better about his own smartness.

He looked back at Julius. Julius seemed to have calmed down while the two of them played, as he slept on the bed right now. Still, Alessio did not want to pet him again, especially as he was a sleeping Julius.

"So, wh-"

Unmute, "So what now?", mute. Alessio wondered what they would do now. If they should stop the skype call? Or, play another game? Or another chess match? No, if Maxim suggested to do a revanche, Al would decline. Chess is too time consuming. Besides, Al knew he was going to lose his next match.
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