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When Al got to know that there was a halloween party in this place, he at first did not want to go. He had prefered to actually spend his time on halloween alone and stay up late instead. But it would be a good excuse for him to not be alone, but to go out instead. Also, Alvaro invited him, and he couldn't say 'Well, I won't go because I'd rather play games instead'. Even if partys weren't his thing, he should go to one. Maybe it will be interesting. Maybe he won't get bored. So, he went to Vacanti's. He saw the building, that apparently already was opened. Scouting the indoors, he saw a familiar figure and waved his hand at him.

"Hello, Alvaro."

It was very 80s in here, today. Al did not know how to feel about that. Alessio personally was not a Michael Jackson fan. His music was sometimes very good, but, since he produced very popular songs, hearing Thriller for the hundredth time, made the song more annoying.

Besides, his death was spooky. Dying while asleep. Al did not want to think about something like that. Also it already was a couple of years ago. And it's 2014 already. And 2014 is over in 2 months. Man, time flies. Events like these always remind Alessio of how fast time passes. Today was halloween, and soon it will be Christmas, then it will be New Year's Eve. What was Alessio doing last halloween, how has he improved since last year? He could not recall.

The place seemed empty. No other kids besides Alvaro. When Alessio walked into the building he expected to see other people. Just to see whether they walked in the party with a costume or not. Al decided to not go with a costume to the party, because, well, he had none. And buying one for just one day? That seemed like wasted money he could spent on other things.

"Where are the other people?"

Al wondered if he was here too early, or if the party was cancelled.
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