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Well, it seemed like Alessio hadn't learned after all. Maxim was all too happy to add yet another hastily wasted white piece to his queen's kill list. That said, the little excitement he had just felt as of the prospect of Al shaping up to be a more sizable opponent had vanished almost immediately.

Apparently, that move before had just been luck then, seeing as his friend had followed it up with a turn like that. Well, on the plus side, the sooner he'd win, the sooner they were able to play something different, granted Maxim would even be in the mood to play something at that point. If he was being honest, he'd have much rather continued his Morrowind campaign. Nothing against Alessio, really, but if he was going to propose playing together, he could have at least had the courtesy to choose something they could both enjoy.

Maybe that was the problem though. He probably had never made it clear to his friend that he was not enjoying their clashes of checkers too much, so only had himself to blame, really. Then again, he did not truly want to reveal how he felt, didn't want to risk inconveniencing Al in any way. Though enough of that grim outlook, he had to concentrate.

Yet another careless move by Alessio. Jesus, was he even paying attention at this point? He was almost tempted to make some sort of remark, but he was able to hold back. Maybe Al had just accepted defeat, wanted to get it over with quickly. Maybe that was the case. Which would be to their mutual benefit, so all was fine. Just had to take another one of the pawns and then all that was left was...

No, wait. Now he had made a mistake, acted too quickly. Not only that, but there was now a gaping hole in his own frontline. Had Alessio actually expected this to happen? There was no way, no way he had been fooled that easily, been caught in a trap like an overconfident rabbit. Goddamn.

"Well, I have to give you kudos on that one. Can't say I saw it coming."

Maxim crushed a single chip in his fist, suddenly beginning to feel a rising anxiety within. Yes, as a matter of fact, it looked like the tables had turned. Or were about to turn, at least. He could still work with that though, turn the situation around the other way again. Just had to focus a little more now, all that it took. He'd still win, eventually.

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