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((Aiden Slattery continued from Tiny Vessels))

Well, there he was already. Almost disappointing, thought it'd take him an ittie bittie longer to jog over from Sadies all the way to here, more than fifteen minutes in any case. Like, wasn't too late for him to turn away, run around a couple blocks, then come right back. Had tasted blood, so he did; going for a midnight walk once, there was no way he wouldn't want to keep his blood pumpin' some more. But - nah, he was here now, late enough already, no more stallin'.

Aiden slowed down his pace from jogging tempo to normal pedestrian speed - normal for him ,that was, so more like pedestrian-high-on-coffee-speed. He had already spotted the lights from far away, flickering and stuff, looked like they had set up a campfire. Nice. Always made him feel like he was some snotfaced kiddie again, out on a camping trip like back then with his folks. Plus, it'd keep him nice and warm, what with his 'dress' being a lil' scimpy and shit, so that was a plus.

Trotting towards the source of light and chattin' and chirpin', he noticed a few familiar faces hanging around the compound. Spotted two peeps dragging their asses to the parking lot in the distance, looked like a chick and a dude, couldn't make out who they were though, too dark and all. Yeah, 'make out' was prolly the keyword here. Live fast, love hard, die young, they didn't say that for no reason.

Looking over to the now very visible fire, he made out some more cabronies. One of them was Michael, yeah, no way that magnificent head o' hair belonged to a dude other than him. Busy talkin' to some other guy apparently, good for him.

Hey hey, looked like Fi was there as well, almost didn't see her in the dark. Like, not even tryin' to sound racist, he almost legitimately didn't notice her lanky ass over there. Nice to see her being around though, he kinda even called her being here. Seemed like exactly her kind of thing, so it did. And like, it really was nice to see her, with that flickering light around her and all - she was looking hot, yeah. Always was, but now even kinda more than usual. Not important now though, but still a nice little side note.

Was that Johnny over there too? With a mug like that, could only really be him, no second chap he could think of who had been screwed over by Mother Nature that hard. Shit though. Sitting next to that Darius dude, so he was. Didn't know the guy personally, but he was like, Bradley's cous or so, so prolly not really big on Aiden bein' around. Whatever, could still ignore him, if he started bein' a Dari-douche. Wouldn't let a thing like that get in the way of some fun.

Finally, there she was, lady of the house, lady of the park. Frickin' Junks herself, right next to that Youtube big shot, Marie Ann Cooking Otter, or whatever her name was. Had to speak to her first, so he did, courtesies and shit, let the host know they were like The Godfather round there. More like Yakuza, in Junko's case. Didn't expect her to have already seen him, so he decided to make his presence known from afar, afar meaning less than twenty feet away, but still.

Shrewd grin on point, he started wavin' his hand around, doing a sort of loud clickin' noise with his mouth for his entrance. "Ey, what's up, Junks? Sorry to interrupt your little flirt here, just thought I'd let you know there's a large influx of Beaks incoming."
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