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Well, so much for getting an useful answer. He could have filled a warehouse with all the clues Alessio didn't have. Sort of mean, but as long as he wasn't saying it out loud, there'd be no harm done.

He dipped another chip into the creamy strawberry-flavored mass before him to devour it a second later. Much better, much much better than having to eat the chips alone. He would have to tell his dad to not buy those again, something more spicy the next time. Some with curry, maybe. Had to be some curry-flavored chips sold somewhere, for sure. Not his biggest worry at the moment, though. The bigger problem was that Alessio was beginning to make an admirable job of defending his king's realm, showing more foresight now, moving much faster too. Maybe he had been premature in silently celebrating his victory.

No, he still had this. Just stalling, that was all this was, his opponent was lacking ways to strike back. Couldn't win just by holing oneself up, certainly not.

Seemed almost strange to him that he was getting that invested. His occasional matches with Al were usually little more than tolerable distractions at best, depending on his mood. Right now though, he really didn't feel like even considering the possibility of losing to his friend. Maybe it was due to his current crankiness, caused by having to play chess in the first place. Almost seemed like a paradox.

Either way, he had to carefully consider his next move. His queen was now being threatened by the white rook, a bold move. He had expected Al to be less aggressive - well, less passively aggressive, in any case. Hole himself up some more, maybe move a pawn, but not his rook. On the other hand, maybe this meant he'd get more careless, impaired in his judgment. Had to make use of that, somehow.

"Good one, have to admit." Give his opponent a little praise, coax him into thinking he was on the winning track. There was no real opening to stage some sort of ambush, but he could create one, with a little patience. Maxim ordered his queen back.

"Your turn."
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