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"Huh? Yeah," he nodded. "I am alright, I am totally fine." Get a grip, Al. Stop staring in the crowd, awaiting her, look at Cristo instead. No need for eye contact, but at least concentrate.

Uh yeah, what to say? It was hard to not think about her.

Perhaps, distract with a song, with music. Not the song that was currently played on Sadie Hawkins, but one song in his head. A song that reminded him of Sadie Hawkins. Alessio did not hum. Al did not sing. But he had the lyrics in his head. Come as you are. As you were. As I want you to be.

Who was he kidding? He had the guitar in his head, not the lyrics. Much more comfortable than this playlist. The music in Sadie Hawkins was so loud, so happy, so...it did not fit his mood. Al liked every genre, but he really did not feel this current song. He did not feel the vibe of the music. Al did not feel Sadie Hawkins.

In his head, his internal playlist could reflect his mood. And if he felt like Nirvana fits, then he would feel like it.

Anyways, look interested to Cristo. Concentrate. Cristo. Rene. Focus on what Cristone has to say. Eh, Cristo.
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