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Yeah, looked like Kizi wasn't plannin' to stick around much longer. Fine with him, totally was. He had something else in mind anyway. Night was still so young, so innocent, woulda been straight up cruel to end it right then and there, yup. Good thing people liked to talk a lot, lotsa shit too, but this one thing that everybody and his pet piranha had been talking about was definitely not belonging to the shit-category.

Junko that ol' party girl, stagin' her own thing and all, so she was. Aiden woulda totally went 'Screw Sadies, screw it hard', had Kizi not asked him to accompany her earlier. Couldn't turn down a friend's request, nope. Still, wasn't too late for it now, Junko's party was prolly going to go on for way longer than this, bein' in-official, fuck da police and all.

Would stay around as long as Zee Zee was still kickin', but not one milli ass second longer, nope. Would even give him an excuse to go for a mid-night jog, win-win. Yup, sounded like a plan, so it did. Nothing like some good ol' fashioned party crashin' to kickstart his mood, like he used to together with Fergie. Missed those times.

Tonight wasn't going to be anything like back then, but it had some high potential to be some fun, at least. Not like he didn't have a good time with Kizi, just a different sort, more tame. Other party was gonna provide some more variety, hopefully. Probably. Only one way for him to find out.

((Aiden Slattery continued in I Know What My Fortune Is))
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