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Maxim returned with not only yoghurt, but also lots of questions.

"You." Oh, Al was interrupted by the German as he started rambling. "Ther-", Alessio tried to explain how one can see the changes, but Maxim interrupted him yet again. Maxim had a weird accent. The 'ach' sounded so weird. But at least he knew the move now.

When Maxim asked how much time had passed, Alessio replied with a simple, flat: "Uh, I have no clue."

Oh, he was muted. He always was muted. Because being muted meant being save, being muted meant not bothering the other person with besides noise. He unmuted himself.

"I have no clue."


This time the 'I have no clue' was less flat. More prepared.

Oh, the queen, the big queen. Alessio did not like when a queen was threatening something, he really did not like it. But, Maxim would not be stupid enough to let him lose his queen, so Alessio moved his rook to protect his site from the dangerous queen.
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