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Maxim considered speeding up his walking pace, even outright jogging to the kitchen. But no, that notion was ridiculous, no need to hurry, none at all. Alessio would need at least a minute or so to make his move, he was sure of it. Besides, the sooner the game was over, the higher the chance of Al insisting they play another round would get. Definitely not what he had in mind. Not because of Al, of course, the guy was entertaining enough. Checkers wasn't though and never would be, end of story.

He trotted down the stairs to the house's main floor, careful not to step on that one creaky spot again. Hated the sound of someone stepping on it, almost as bad as nails on a chalk board, just completely unpleasant. How many times had he asked his dad to fix it now? Should have been easy enough for him, being a craftsman and all. Apparently though, he was simply too busy to be able to take care of it. Right. Never heard that excuse before, he might have as well admitted to forgetting about it over and over. Yes, he was his dad, Maxim should have been grateful and all, but still. There was no fool like an old fool.

Entering the kitchen, his gaze immediately wandered towards the Mickey Mouse themed clock hanging above the fridge. About time he got rid of that monstrosity as well. Reminded him far too much of their old place in Oldenburg.
Time was passing fast though. About ten more minutes till 4 am, when had they even started? He couldn't remember, but it had to have been...at least twenty minutes or so, right? Maybe Alessio still knew, he could ask him once he got back. If he even cared to.

A minute filled with pleasant anticipation later, he was sitting back in his beloved desk chair, yoghurt in front of him, putting his headset back on. "Back. Did you move? Wish there was some sort of indication by the game, showing which piece was moved where or something like that. Have to rely on memory, which isn't exactly - ach, never mind, I'm seeing it now."

Not the worst move to make. Certainly an improvement over the one before. Still, didn't look like it was going to help Al much in the long run. Pretty safe to say he had him, only a matter of time now. Dipping a single potato chip into the yoghurt, Maxim moved his cursor over his queen and made it move towards the white frontline.

"By the way, how long are we playing now? Think I lost track of the time. Definitely feels longer than our usual matches though, but that might just be me."
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