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"Okay, see you."

Dang it. Maxim was observant. Alessio was going to lose.

Al concluded that Maxim was good at chess. Maybe he was as good as Alvaro. The times he battled against him in the café, Al mostly lost. Alvaro would have also seen Al's mistake. That was a dumb mistake. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

And he was going to lose. But, maybe he can do something smart. He watched each piece of the board. What was the best move?

This time, he thought about the consequences the move would have. Then he dragged the chess piece with his mouse.

Oh w-

No, everything was alright. No threat, no threat.

And now Alessio even had the time to calm down, as he waited for Maxim's return. The clock showed 3:47 PM. Hm, how time passes once you have fun. He stood up to take the water bottle again and drink a sip out of it. There was not much he could do while waiting. He could do something else, but that'd be rude towards the flaxen-haired boy. So he waited.
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