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"Ya wounding me here, Caleb!" Johnny clutched at his heart, and pouted.

"It's like ya don't even love me anymore! It's fine, it's fine, I know when I'm not wanted. I'm heading back to the park, wanna come with? Neighbour kid got themselves a tattoo gun. Think I'm gonna get me a big cross, y'know, right on my back. Maybe one of them Jesus fishies." He drew the symbol in the air with the end of his cigarette, then took it into his mouth and inhaled, before stubbing it out against the sole of his shoe and tossing it towards the gutter.

Ya know, I pray so hard every night, but I never seem to hear much reply? So just in case the Lord our God's gone temporarily hard of hearin', I gotta make extra special sure that he knows for definites 'bout admiration an' adoration for him, yeah? You want in on that? Maybe get yourself like a 'My other twin's successful' tramp stamp?"

Johnny didn't think Caleb was likely to come along: most townie kids were too good for the park, and Caleb was in a hornets' nest kinda mood, today. Still, inviting him along was the Christian thing to do.

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