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Any attempt of his at finding anything of significance in the night sky was interrupted by Raina's response and the shifting of weight on the bench.

Wayne shot her a questioning look.

"Sure," he said. "Did you walk here or something?"

His car wasn't a topic that came up often. Most of the time, it wasn't his at all - just a bucket of bolts that Eve complained about whenever she drove it home from work. It had problems going up hills, but it was a necessity, it worked about as well as could be expected for the price that his family had gotten it for, and it was comfortable. After a few years of her using it, the inside did sort of smell like Eve, but that was something else entirely.

It wasn't the kind of car that he could have ever used to pick up girls. But he supposed it could drop them off.

He made to stand, a quiet creak coming from the bench as he did so.

"Guess it doesn't really matter. I can give you a ride if you want."
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