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Caleb drank from the straw without taking the cup as before, leaning in while Johnny held onto it. He looked up at the other boy with his round blue eyes, which were normally half-lidded. He felt the liquid hit ice and the strained sound of the straw sucking air and stopped. Caleb wiped his mouth with the back of his wrist and stood back up with his usual slight hunch.

"No matter what happens to me after high school, I keep guys like you around to feel better about it."

He smacked his lips twice, intentionally mimicking and old man without teeth and saw Johnny blowing out more smoke. Caleb took a long drag off his cigarette which had shrunk down considerably.

"Guess not, when's that oldest friend showing up?"

He threw the cigarette stub on the ground and crushed it into the cement under the back of his heel.

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