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Bradley said nothing, and Alice felt even more uncomfortable in her seat. She wondered if her mom was looking for her. She couldn't quite see her table in the distance, so it was hard to say. Alice didn't want to say she regretted approaching; poor Georgia Lee being left alone would be awful. But she regretted Bradley approaching, absolutely.

Georgia Lee's words helped distract her from her desire to get away. Alice nodded quietly as the other girl spoke, intently listening to avoid Bradley's presence distracting her and causing further distress.

Forcing a smile, Alice responded, "Yeah, I know what you mean. People thinking they can walk over a poor junior when she's behaving perfectly well just for laughs." She bit her lip. That might've been a bit harsh for her. Bradley was unpleasant, but insulting him back might just make things worse.

Alice added hastily, "The graduation preparations might be tough, but they'll also be fun, I think." She was beginning to feel calmer, more composed, less frail. She felt more confident in her ability to maintain a conversation without the irritating man next to her.

"When do you turn 18, Georgia Lee?"
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