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Crap, spotted.

Sandy tensed up as he realised what he had just done: taking pictures of people unsolicited didn’t always go over well, after all, and he was stuck in an awkward position of how to explain himself.

“Hey, Jordan.” He replied in a terse tone, still unmoving. “Y-yeah, I just got it yesterday.”

This was a tricky predicament, and he was painfully aware of it. Animals didn’t normally care if you took shots of them, as long as you kept your distance, but of course people were different. He hadn’t really had to justify his shots much before, maybe one or two times, so he was searching for an explanation that wouldn’t come off as creepy and invasive.

“Sorry, I just wanted to test it and it was a good shot.”

He knew Jordan from class, but the girl next to him was a stranger outside of seeing her around the school, maybe. It was hard to really be sure: there were a lot of faces and after a while they all blended together. Either way, he hoped they’d both be cool with it.

The picture was waiting for his judgement on the preview screen of the camera, which finally caught his attention.

“Do you want to see it?” he asked, already walking over before even properly looking at the picture himself. He was focusing on not looking like a creeper at that moment, after all.
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