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The smile on Jasmine’s face that was put on for the customers started to become more and more legitimate with the words that came out of Min-Jae’s mouth.

She could feel the butterflies fluttering around and crawling on her skin. He said hi back! He also didn’t sound snippy about it at all! He knew that he was snippy and that he was cold and that he was honestly kind of a jackass to other people sometimes but apparently he at the very least was friendly with her! That was good. Too good to be true, probably. She knew about auditory hallucinations, of course; sometimes you could hear someone say something to you even though they weren’t actually saying anything and she knew that some of her friends occasionally had them but she was sure that what Jae said was for real. Nobody called her Jazz, it was always Jasmine or Jazzy but it wasn’t ever anything else, so if it was in fact an auditory hallucination it’d be weird if it made up a new nickname for her.

Of course, if it was real it didn’t necessarily mean that he liked her or anything like that but the fact that she had an original nickname in his mind had to imply some level of fondness on his side, right? That was something that couldn’t possibly be bad. At this point, she hoped that it was earlier than she thought it was because the fact that the guy she happened to like just happened to walk into here and be somewhat nice to her had to mean something. This was good. Maybe she’d enjoy her shift after all.

Wait, no. Even if this was a meeting of fate or something nothing would come out of this unless she did something about it. If she just stood there and admired him from a distance then he’d just get his book and leave and then she’d be stuck here regretting it. She had to do something about this. Talk to him or open up a conversation or she didn’t know just anything she supposed. But what about? She knew that he was moody and that probably meant that he wasn’t really open to just anything but she didn’t know what he would be open to and it sucked and she really wished she didn’t feel light at the moment because she needed to think.

Wait, what was he doing? Maybe she could get something off of that. Generally when she was talking to people with the aim to get something out of them she asked what they were doing to just casually slide into what she wanted to talk about. Maybe that’d work here. He was browsing the shelves and not taking anything out. Maybe he was looking for something? It wouldn’t hurt to ask at the very least.

“Are you looking for anything?” She called across from the counter.
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