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((Maxim Kehlenbrink continued from Wasserweber))

Maxim reached for the bowl of chips placed next to his PC's monitor, grabbing a handful, then crammed them into his mouth, all while not taking his eyes off the virtual chessboard. A bit too salty for his taste. Too much salt, too little else, made for a stale mix. Maybe getting some yoghurt from the kitchen would help, as soon as he had made his next move. Yes, that did sound like a good idea.

It was still Alessio's turn, the guy certainly did take his time. He regretted not having insisted on setting up timers for each turn, make the game a little more fast-paced. Too late for that now, but it didn't matter that much, really. This way, he would have plenty of time to get his yoghurt, at least, no time pressure or anything of the sort.

There, finally, his opponent made his move. Huh. That had certainly not been what Maxim had expected. Moving the bishop almost seemed kind of unnecessary, he couldn't think of any way that it would benefit Al. Maybe he just ran out of ideas? His opponent's situation wasn't exactly looking bright, could be that he was simply panicking. Poor guy. Hard to not feel at least a little bad for him, especially since he himself had been so eagerly pushing for the two of them to play some checkers.

Even so, he was still not having too much fun. Chess was probably just not his game, too straight forward, lacking narrative et cetera. Had hoped that his disposition towards it would change at least somewhat, after playing it for a bit, but no. He was still rather bored, though that did not mean he would start to go easy on Al, no. His friend had picked it, now he was going to suffer the consequences, no room for mercy. Well, that sure sounded a tad harsh, but honestly, he was feeling slightly miffed, though he couldn't blame Alessio for it. He could have protested when his pal had proposed to play chess and he didn't. Least he could do was winning the satisfaction of...well, winning. And so he would, it all looked like that was going to be the case.

Now it was time for him to find a suitable response: Board hadn't changed much, Al's king was still mostly safe behind his wall of pawns. Good thing he had taken both of his knights already though, those ones could be real pests, if used correctly. How, he would show his friend soon enough. Could move his own bishop in order to threaten the black rook over there, or-

Ja, holla. Couldn't believe it had taken him so long to notice, but the bishop Al had just moved was now standing completely in the open, on a silver platter. All it would take was a quick diagonal swoop with his queen.

"I feel kind of bad doing this, but..you were a bit unobservant just now, weren't you?" A word and a blow. Yet another of Al's pieces lay slain to his own feet. Maxim couldn't help but smile a little, just a little bit. "I'll go fetch something from the kitchen real quick, be right back. Take your time with your next move." He could have added 'Wouldn't want to lose another one of your pieces like that, would you?' He didn't really consider it though, bordered far too much on asshole territory. Not a place he was willing to cross over to.

Wiping some crumbs off his lip and taking off his headset with his other hand, Maxim got up from his chair, eager to get his hands on some strawberry yoghurt.
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