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just a picture of a cloud
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Johnny stared at the fuzzy little circle, and tried to picture it all.

Metal rain. Year-long days. Storms that lasted forever. The planet sounded like a horror movie to Johnny, and he could understand exactly why the large-breasted aliens had left it and come to earth. That was solid decision making on their part, he couldn't fault it. To come 25,000 miles, though. It was too much. Too far.

He tried to understand the distance. It was a hundred miles from Kingman up to Vegas, but there was a fair bit to see along the way. They were probably a little further than that into the desert, and the trip out was definitely less visually eventful, but there were still plants, and birds, and rocks and things. He tried to picture driving to Vegas 250 times, but through nothing. Nothing around you, nothing in front of you, just stars staring down.

Johnny loved space, but he didn't think he loved it that much.

He pulled his eye back from the lens, and stood up. He was feeling a little dizzy. Putting his hands on the small of his back he leaned backward, stretching, then squinted. The setting sun seemed painfully bright, all of a sudden.

"Ya think you'll ever go to space, Raina?"

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