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Vanessa did not reply for a while.

You didn’t need to be a musicologist to tell that Cams was projecting her own feelings onto this album, rather than it having anything to do with the band as a whole. The fact that Vans knew Cams so well only confirmed the theory to herself, and that riled her up.

Everything getting heavier? Parents dying? Changing people? How about a song about a giant neon sign saying “LOOK HOW TURBULENT MY LIFE IS AND HOW MUCH IT’S FUCKING ME UP”.

It was distressing, because whilst Vans wanted the best for her BFF, sometimes she could be an overly dramatic spaz. Sure, her own parents were still married, but so what if they got divorced? People got divorced all the time these days, and it’s not like her parents spent that much time together. That didn’t mean she wanted them to get divorced, of course, but Cams’ own situation had given her reason to at least consider the possibility, and she was pretty sure she could cope with it.

So why the hell was Cams making such a big fucking deal about it? Why couldn’t she just be chill with it and not fuck herself up so much?

“Cams…” she started, but only managed to trail off.

Yeah, Cams said that it ended well, so she wasn’t convinced that the entire universe was going to collapse in on itself. Still, all this bullshit in the middle felt so unnecessary by contrast. Why did she have to put herself through all this shit?

“Is this because of your parents?” she didn’t really need to guess, since there was no way that she had written an entire album in just two weeks, not Cams. “Cause it sounds…bad. Like the first half is you going into a fucking black hole or something, and that sucks.”
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