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"Yeah," Wayne said, then halfheartedly parroted something she'd said earlier. "Not living up to expectations all around."

So they were going back to talking about Sadies. Some sort of common ground. Raina was making it obvious she wasn't enjoying herself, but what was he to do but nod and agree? Perhaps someone better suited for this would have known. Someone who would have made this situation something other than two strangers sitting on a bench.

He glanced over at her, then followed her gaze upwards.

The truth be told, he doubted Sadies would have been any better for him. On Raina's part, he could see it. She'd probably have gone with a purpose in mind, and maybe she would have had a better time of it there than here with Darius and burnt hotdogs and spilled beer.

"What sort of thing were you looking for tonight, anyway?"
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