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Jazz made an emphatic statement over the state of his phone, to which he could only respond with a mild shrug. Shitty smartphones with shitty batteries were the shitty standard and Jordan had learnt to deal with it somewhat and while it would be nice to get a bit of charge, it wasn't exactly necessary.

All the more so given how much trouble she had gone to untangle the mess of wires that she had pulled out of her pocket, only to find that there was no place to charge it anywhere nearby. Jordan himself was used to placing his wires in different compartments of his bag, somewhat neatly folded, so he rarely had to deal with tangled wires so much himself. "It would be nice if they'd put power sockets in the benches round here, though I guess it might be a bit of a disaster infrastructure-wise, " Jordan said, half wondering if that would make the crowds here even worse. He'd likely wouldn't have gotten a bench if kids with dying laptops and smartphones were too desperate to get power.

"It's okay, anyway," he said finally, "I can wait until we get back to class." She was looking around a little, nodding her agreement to his judgement on the weather. At least the weather was an inoffensive enough subject. The only reason why it was a perennial mainstay of small talk, really.

Jazz was halfway through her reply when she just stopped, the end of her sentence left hanging as she noticed something nearby. Sandy Bricks was crouching in the grass not too far away, a camera in his hand and it was pointed in their direction. Oh hell, no. The picture had better not end up in the school paper or the yearbook. It was pictures like this that started rumours and he already had enough to deal with already. Also, why was today sneak up on Jordan Green day? They should have gazetted that as a national holiday way sooner if they were gonna do it at all.

"Sandy!" he called out, hoping that the mix of emotions in his voice didn't sound too much like anger. "Is that a new camera?" Okay, not exactly what he was planning to say but what was he supposed to do? Tell Sandy to delete it? At least this way, he'd likely see the photo first before he actually judged it any more.
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