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Had this been a romance movie, Will would've swooped down and grabbed her, gracefully leaning over into that dance pose, before hauling her up. Real life, however, rarely went down like that, and Will ended up almost being pulled down himself, had he not quite literally dug in his heels and pulled the stumbling Rea up. It was clunky, and completely ingraceful, but it was far better than landing face-first onto wooden flooring, so there was always that.

There was a minor complication though, that being the ungodly ways his suit started to pinch. Had he been even slightly more vigorous in his pulling, he was entirely sure the suit would have just shredded itself into about five different peices. As it was, his arms, shoulders, crotch and chest all suffered one of the worst pinches he'd ever felt in his entire life.

"Rea. I'm pretty sure this suit is gonna tear if I have to do that again. Do you have some flats in your car or something? Because you really don't need heels to look good."
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