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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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No. Sneaking up on Jordan had not been the plan, actually, but Jazz would have pretended otherwise if it helped her save face. She flashed a dumb grin when Jordan stumbled over her name. She was just glad he remembered her self-given nickname! It felt like so many of her classmates willfully forgot about it. If she was aware of how uncomfortable Jordan was, it did not register on her face. It was also pretty clear that she wasn't going to leave Jordan alone.

"Aww," Jazz said, "That's really lame! I hate it when that happens to me."

Her hands began to pat at the pockets of her skirt, then the pockets of her cardigan. Fishing around, Jazz pulls out a tangled mess of cord and headphones. She fiddles around with the wires in order to free up her cellphone cord. Then she paused. Jazz blinked, then she looked up. Oh. Right. They were outside weren't they? Jazz pouted as she spun the wire back up around her index and middle finger. She had one of those cartoonish frowns, the kind that most people would put on when they were pretending to be upset. Jasmine Reed was not like most people, or at least she tried not to be.

"I'd lend you my wire but, hehe, there's nowhere to plug it in!" Her dimples raised into a sheepy little smile, "Heheh, maybe you could charge it inside?"

She blinked again at the mention of the weather. Jazz looked up and around, eyes darting between the crowds of people off in the distance. Huh. Jasmine's mother always said she had no poise and a terrible sense of her surroundings. She didn't even notice how nice it was outside.

"Wow, you're right," Jazz responded with a nod to herself. "The news said it was gonna be chilly, it's why I brought my - "

Jasmine turned back to face Jordan when she caught sight of a boy with sandy blonde hair and a camera pointed right at them. She froze up, then winced in surprise.

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