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((Sandy Bricks continued from Picture Perfect))

Sandy turned the Leica M9 in his hands, the sleek camera reflecting the midday sun back at him off its four figure price lens. It still felt a bit unreal to him.

When he’d opened the box with the beast of photography inside back at home, he’d felt giddy. He’d felt amazed. He’d felt more than a little bit guilty about spending so much cash on it. He hadn’t even told Uncle Tom about buying it; he’d just been staring at it for a few days, and lost himself in its hypnotic focus as he made the purchase. What felt even stranger to him was that it hadn’t put anything resembling a dent in his bank account.

Having all the money from the settlement available to him now was alien, and it would take some getting used to. This was his first big splurge, ‘a gift for myself’ he’d said to sweet talk his head into going along with it: something to celebrate school being almost done. He could’ve bought it after he’d actually graduated, but at the end of the day it was all just an excuse, after all.

Maybe it was reckless to spend so much money on a whim, but goddamn did it take good shots.

He looked through the lens again, surveying the Cochise grounds around him. People were hanging out, talking, whilst he stood away from everyone else, like usual. Sometimes it felt like they were in two separate worlds, but he knew he shouldn’t think like that. He had to try and integrate with other people more.

Maybe that’s what had made him bring the camera to school that day. He knew he really shouldn’t have: it was so expensive, and it could have gotten damaged or stolen at school. At the same time, though, he kind of wanted to show it off to the friends he did have who shared his passion for photography.

He hadn’t run into any of them yet though, not that he’d been trying that hard. Instead, he kept looking around, taking in the lunchtime rush.

Damn it, he had to take a picture of something.

He looked around, spying Jasmine and Jordan’s conversation. The way the light fell behind them as a backdrop, combined with a mutual nervousness amidst the dozens of other students around them, spoke to him. Demonstrating that social awkwardness that people loved to throw at high schoolers, It was a very natural image, and that’s what he liked to see.

Without really thinking, he closed in on the scene, crouched on one knee, and took the shot.
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