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"Huh?" The question surprised Jordan, having seemingly come out of nowhere.

He turned to be greeted by bright pink, surprise enough when Jordan was at his most aware but it seemed that he was really completely out of it today, letting Jasmine sneak up on him like that without being noticed. Perhaps that had been her goal too, and the thought alone set off an alarm bell or two off within his head. Even if she seemed half as shocked at her own words as he was, her reaction was something that his brain could only register as cute, and Jordan found himself a little unnerved at the unexpected interruption.

"Um, hi Jazz...mine," Jordan said, mildly uncertain whether he was exactly familiar enough with her to call her Jazz. It wasn't as if they didn't talk at all, but then again it wasn't as if they were all that close either. He knew most of the anime club people somewhat, but he wasn't exactly on great terms with many of them. Very few people even knew about his interest in anime at all; he hardly went around parading his love for anime or anything like some people did. But Jasmine did, and he respected her for that as much as he judged her for being a complete embarrassment at times.

"No need to apologise, I guess?" Jordan replied, wondering if she was just apologising for disturbing him. He did give off the impression that he'd like to be left alone sometimes, but that wasn't exactly something to apologise over, was it? "There's still a bit left I guess, but not really enough for anything useful."

Jordan was a little unsure of what to do next. It wasn't as if he actually had much he wanted to say. Definitely there were things he could talk about, but it seemed he'd probably end up whining about how much trouble it was actually getting any writing done, which didn't exactly make for riveting conversation.

"It's a pretty nice day to be out though, isn't it?" he asked, though he felt a mild sense of frustration after doing so. Talk about cliches. Obviously his default choice for small talk just had to be the weather. "I mean, it's not every day you see the grounds this crowded."
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