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((Amanda Tan continued from Morning Dew))

Amanda loved days like today. She likened herself to a plant sometimes, needing warmth and sunlight to sustain herself and it was days which were bright and sunny like it was right now that really got her mood up. Other people might like the cold but feeling numbness in all her extremities was not something that Amanda really enjoyed. And just putting on an additional coat didn't help, her face would still be cold and she'd now have the additional benefit of looking like that marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. Besides, Kingman weather was hot and dry which was perhaps a million times better than hot, humid and sweaty. This was about as hot as spring got around here, and even with a light jacket on, Amanda felt more than comfortable.

And she'd finished her errands too, sending her poor old laptop in for repairs at the local shop. The device itself was ancient but it had served her well so far and it had turned out to be just the RAM coming loose. Maybe she would upgrade one day, but for now she was more than willing to continue on with it until it became slightly more unusable. No point replacing what wasn't broken after all. Not that she was poor or anything, but she had an attachment to her belongings, useful or not.

She turned into the park on a whim, it wasn't exactly a shortcut back home, but it a nice enough route, and she might as well make the best use of her day given that she was out anyway. Michelle had been busy lately, the 'A' levels had just released their results back home a week back or so and it was now co- university application time for those back home and Michelle was scrambling to get all her things in order. That meant that the usual weekly gaming session had been cancelled today, and Amanda knew better than to disturb her in any case. So she had a time to spare, and the park was far nicer than most other routes anyway.

The streak of colour had caught her attention even from a distance, she had seen some truly majestic ones before, snakes, dragons and chains that seemed to go on forever and ever but this kite was different, flashy in a graceful way, stunning in the blue midday sky. It dipped down steeply as she approached, like a bird of prey finding a new victim, before tumbling to a horrid stop against a smallish looking girl.

Kite Girl began talking to a girl sitting nearby, and Amanda recognised them both as Cochise students. Amanda knew Lili somewhat, if only because there were so few Chinese students in the school, though she knew little apart her beyond her name. Cass was someone she knew a little better, having had a few classes with her before, but she wasn't someone she was very well acquainted with either. But even though she didn't really know either of them, the kite was cool enough for her to feel like she should at least take a closer look.

"Hi guys. That's a pretty sweet kite you have there," she said to the pair. Hopefully she would manage to not scare the two of them off with that one sentence.
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