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Aiden paused for a second before tryin' to come up with a response, biting his lip, thinking. That been an innuendo just now? Like, hard to tell, could never know with that one. He woulda chuckled to show his approval, sure as shit, if only he had been sure that it was supposed to be one. Moment was already over though, sorta like whenever he didn't get a joke and had to think about it for frickin' ever. Still, he went with a little snicker anyway, just to be on the safe side.

"Same, honestly. Not much going on for me right now, like. Woulda prolly just up and went for a sorta underwater jog, had you not picked up."

He leaned back against a wall, careful not to knock his mom's favourite vase flying. Stayin' alive was kinda important to him. Shifted around a bit, tryin' to get comfy with his thin ass shirt rubbing against the coarse marble underneath it. Fuckin' sandpaper right there.

Underwater jog. Yeah, as if. Was being desperate to get a little adrenaline up in his head, so he was. Didn't mean he was gonna be stupid though, risk catchin' a cold. Not like they had cut off his commonsense together with his umbilical cord. That one actually wasn't half bad, had to try it on Fergie some time, prolly exactly his vibe.

"Y'know, not really, just me being all pumped up like usual, is all. But anyway, what's happenin' for you? Anything you're up to?"

Wasn't even sure if he wanted to hear a 'yes' or a 'no.' Potential to make him a very happy Beaks in both, really.
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