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Ah, so it was Aiden. Long time no hear she would have thought and he would have said but that wasn't very true. Fiyori wasn't the kind of person who needed to stay in contact all the time, needing at least one message per day and a total of 150 words spoken or written per week.

She could do just fine not talking to people and still feeling affectionate towards them anyway.

Aiden mentioned the weather, and for some reason it was only then that Fiyori looked out of the window and saw raindrops falling on her window. Not many, of course, because this was still Arizona. But still, a curious thing. Curious more to know she didn't notice until he pointed it out.

"Eh, I've been sweating so much, I won't mind if I get wet another way for once."

She did pick up the sarcasm in his voice. Aiden seemed not to be a big fan of rain, so she guessed he should be lucky to be living in Kingman and not Ireland or something - which by all appearances was very very rainy all the time. She wouldn't know, she never had been there.
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